• UX Design
  • Product Owner
  • Content Strategy
  • Createive Direction

As UX Designer and product owner for I was responsible for both the experience of the website and its overall product strategy. In this role I worked on many changes and features for, the most significant was the launch of Live 9 and Push.

Through user research we identified needs for users that went beyond the product information and support the Ableton site provided at the time. We saw the website was an important touch for people to provide inspiration to keep them motivated and to find ways to extend and personalise their software through sounds and devices. This guided us to focus on deepening’s editorial (which we started by introducing a blog within the previous design) and their Pack store (which we also created an initial version of in the previous design).

We also found opportunities to bring the website into line with best practices for the web at the time, including making the site fully responsive, and making publishing for an expanded editorial element easier by integrating a CMS (previously the site required a full deploy to publish any changes).

The launch of the site had to incorporate the launch of a new major version of Live, Ableton’s first hardware product Push, and a complete refresh of Ableton’s corporate identity. Building on a new identity for Ableton created with Made Thought, we worked with Edenspiekermann on the design and frontend of the website. With a primary focus on the product information for launch, we created a new design language to tell the story of Ableton’s products in a more musical and more personal way, while simplifying product editions and their communication.

At the time it was Ableton’s most successful product launch in terms of reception and sales. Although the aesthetic was initially challenging for some users, the new design language for the web had a significant impact and continued to be built on in Ableton’s marketing and later web releases.

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