Me looking more serious than usual

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. These days I call Copenhagen home. I speak English and German. My Spanish is terrible. I can read menus in Italian pretty well, but not much else. I’m working on my Danish.

I studied Media Arts and a little graphic design, but most of my design learning has been through doing. I’ve also sold shoes, mattresses, and mobile phones. I designed for the mobile web before the iPhone or Android existed.

When it comes to design I believe people don’t separate aesthetics and function, so neither can designers. That doesn’t mean one person needs to do all the work. I think you should try to maximise your impact (rather than your output) and make sure you have evidence to back up your decisions, but remember that design isn’t a science(yet). Just because you can measure it doesn’t mean it’s important. When it comes to process, there isn’t one that works in every situation, so we have to design that too.

I believe we all have the responsibility to understand the world we live and design in to oppose and change systems that cause harm. If you avoid politics, then you’re supporting the status quo.

I’ve been pushing buttons and making strange noises with electronics and computers since school. I like mixing other people’s music. I’m always up for karaoke. I try to take photographs both on the ground and in the air.

If you’re still reading, thanks. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Feel free to say hi.

You can also download my CV if you’d like.

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