Concept evaluation workshop

Exploring new Ableton products and services

  • User Research
  • Product Strategy
  • UX Design

In 2019 I worked for 9 months with Ableton’s product leadership team to explore and validate product and service directions.

As Ableton’s product ecosystem grew, we needed to explore new products and services. The challenge was that all the members of the product team responsible for strategic decisions had products of their own to manage—there was little time for anything other than discussion. This left it difficult to explore questions that lay beyond or between the scope of existing products.

Working together with a Product Manager, I experimented with design and research methods to help the product team understand problems and potential directions to help make decisions. This involved internal research and workshops, prototypes, and external user research. We were able to help the product team evaluate over a dozen concepts across two key domains, including key decisions about what directions to take and which ones not to take.

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