I stepped back from the Head of Design role in Sept 2018 to get re-acquainted with hands on design work. For the past year I've been working on product discovery with various members of Ableton's Product Group (made up of owners of Ableton's different products, key projects, and the executive team). The main goal was use design and research methods to help product team members answer product strategy questions. Up until this point it had usually fallen on Product Managers to find their own way through questions, or we had attempted to work through them in workshops or meetings in front of whiteboards.

Discovery for █████ & █████

The outcome of the questions I've been working on haven't been released yet. Some also won't be released because of our work (working out what not to do is important too). To make sure I respect my confidentiality agreements I won't post anything more here, but would be happy to discuss in person the kind of questions we investigated and how we approached our work.