redesign redesign

I lead the internal and external teams designing and developing a redesign of to improve navigation, better market our products, and incorporate a new brand.

Push 2 UI

Push 2 UI

I lead the team that developed the Push 2 UI language and then worked with the designers in the Push product team to roll it out.

Product strategy work blurred

Product strategy discovery

I worked on a small, experimental team for several 8 week milestones doing discovery for future products and services. Work is unreleased.

Live 9 content colouring

Track and Content colouring

I worked with a feature team developing the UX for automatic track and content colouring for Live 9.5 and Push 2.

Live 10 creative space

Live 10

I helped the Product Owners set up the team for the project and was responsible for the designers working on the project.

Push 2 hardware design

Push 2 hardware design

I worked with product leadership and engineering to come up with Push 2’s hardware design.

Ableton UI language research obscured

Ableton UI Language research

I lead internal and external design teams on a two year project to explore and develop new design languages for Ableton. Work is unreleased.

Live 9 and Push launch

Launch of Live 9 and Push

I worked with our copy writer to develop the tone, content and IA for the product pages to launch Live 9 and Push.

Live 9 browser icons

Live 9 browser icons and branding

I worked with a UI designer to revise the Live’s browser and file system iconography. We also applied a new brand to all software touchpoints.

Ableton Sans

Ableton Sans

I led the project to develop a custom UI font for Ableton with Letters from Sweden. I also worked with engineering on the research to replace Live’s font rendering.

NDAs prevent me from publishing full case studies on these projects, but I would be more than happy to have a chance discuss them in person.

Thanks for reading this far. If you’d like to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn , or email me.