Ableton Push 2

Designing the UI and hardware for Push 2

  • Project Lead
  • UX Design
  • Creative Direction

As part of bringing Push 2 to market, I worked for two years on Push 2’s UI language and hardware styling, and built the design team that continues to work on Push today.

Our goal was to create a UI language that could support the depth of Push 2’s functionality without making a musician feel like they were sitting in front of a computer. It was also our first hardware engineering project with many unknowns, and no hardware available until late in the process.

I worked with Push 2’s Product Owner and designers from A Color Bright to create a bright, minimal UI constructed from a modular system. It used space, colour and touch feedback to connect the screen to the hardware and give users context within Push 2’s modes. Our process used prototyping to reduce risk in key areas and the help of our development team to find creative software solutions to test designs.

Push 2 was a huge success for Ableton. Our design for the UI and hardware is frequently cited as part of that sucess, and the system we built continues to be refined and extended today over five years after its launch.

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