Playing Push

Telling Live and Push’s stories

  • Copy Writing and Editing
  • Creative Direction
  • UX Design

As part of the launch of Live 9 and Push, I worked with our Head of Documentation on the stories for Live and Push for We wanted to tell the stories of the two products in a much more human, personal, and musical way. We also wanted to set ourselves apart from the norm in the music industry, one that’s often dominated by a focus on features, exaggerated superlatives, and flashy synthetic visuals.

To do this we built on Made Thought and Edenspiekermann’s art direction with a copywriting approach that focused on what musicians could do with each feature, not how the feature works or what it does. As part of this, we simplified our navigation and product comparisons. This was helped by a parallel effort to simplify the differences between the products themselevs (and taught me that sometimes it’s easier to make the product simpler rather than explain it better).

Although it is a big claim to make, I believe the website and product stories we built for Live 9 not only set a direction that Ableton is still building on today, but set a direction for the music instrument industry that still influences peers and competitors today.

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